Over 20 years of service in the Food and Beverage sector.
Design, Engineering, Programming, Commissioning, Project Management, CAD, Training, Consultancy, Spares...

Some Of Our Key Customers

Visit web site We have completed a number of line control related projects on the milk filling lines.
Visit web site We have ongoing projects involving engineering, design, installation and commissioning of machine and line controls for Ball Packaging Europe.
Visit web site CarnaudMetalbox Engineering. An engineering division of Crown, which specialises in the design and manufacture of machinery for the can making industry.
Visit web site Crown. Crown is a leading manufacturer of packaging products for consumer goods. XCS have worked on a number of Crown projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East, China and South East Asia.
Visit web site Having previously worked on projects for both Kraft Foods, and the H. J. Heinz Company Limited, we are pleased to continue this a close working relationship with ongoing projects at sites in Telford, Wigan, and Worcester, in the United Kingdom, as well as further afield in Europe.

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